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The world is holding its breath waiting for more details on Sprint's version of the Palm Treo 700w, and, lo and behold, we've got some more info on the little wundergadget. Due to arrive on August 31, the most exciting tidbit of information that we have today is that the Treo will have double the amount of memory compared to its Verizon Wireless counterpart. Accordingly, the smartphone will see an "x" added to its name, thus making it the Sprint Treo 700wx by Palm. Presumably, the "x" stands for "expanded," and hopefully not "extreme."


There's even more goodies today with several pictures of the box (!) making their way to the Internets.

The Windows Mobile 5.0 Treo 700wx, again, should make its way into your local mall's Sprint kiosk on August 31.

700W to arrive on 8/31/06 for Sprint []

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