Boxee Adding Paid Content This Summer

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Everyone's favorite media software/cube company announced today that they're going to be beefing up their content offerings in a few short months—at a price. Et tu, Boxee?

While details like "what will be available" and "how much will it cost" are still up in the air, the good news is that Boxee will offer a smorgasbord of payment options in their, from pay-per-view to subscriptions. And while the system will be structured to let content providers set pricing, Boxee says they're going to be taking a relatively small cut of the proceeds, which may keep prices down.

The bigger issue, of course, is that this is yet another subscription we have to look forward to this year. A service like Boxee is terrific when it's free, but when we have to start making decisions about what to keep and what to cut, is it going to be worth the price? [Boxee Blog via Slash Gear]