Brigsby Bear Is a Weird Movie About a Mysterious TV Show Created for a Single Kid

A still from Brigsby Bear. Image: Sony Classics
A still from Brigsby Bear. Image: Sony Classics

Lots of kids have one big favorite TV show—something they watch every single week and obsess about in between. But what if you found out the show you loved growing up was made only for you? What would that mean? That’s the set-up of Brigsby Bear, a movie that looks both creepy and hilarious.


Directed by frequent Saturday Night Live helmer Dave McCary, Brigsby Bear is about a young man (SNL’s Kyle Mooney) who grew up watching the title show. One day, however, it ends, and he realizes that he’s in a very unique, very weird situation. He then sets out into the world and to figure out what happened to his favorite program.

Here’s the first trailer for Brigsby Bear.

Brigsby Bear premiered at Sundance back in January—so, if you want, you can read some reviews and find out more about the plot. I won’t go too much into it, but just based on this trailer, the idea that someone would create such an elaborate, detailed television show for one boy has a ton of possibilities. Knowing the story came from the mind of Mooney (with co-writer Kevin Costello), you can tell it won’t be scary or (too) disturbing. This isn’t Room plus Sesame Street. This is a comedy, and the cast (which also includes Beck Bennett, Claire Danes, Mark Hamill, Greg Kinnear, Kate Lyn Sheil, Matt Walsh, and Michaela Watkins) certainly leans that way too.

Here’s a clip from the film featuring Hamill that teases just a bit more of the world these characters are in.

Brigsby Bear opens in limited release July 28.

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I know they can’t afford production from any of the big trailer houses, and that they usually don’t have set pieces to add punch and spectacle, but man, trailers for indie movies SUCK. Were there really no lines of pithy, catchy, or enticing dialogue in your movie to drop in there? Did your soundtrack include NOTHING but ambient electronica?

Any dope can make a movie weird. Give me something, anything to let me know I’ll actually enjoy it.