Brilliant Hacker Turned the Classic NES Zapper Into a Kick-Ass Toy Laser Gun

For the upcoming ‘Hacked on Classics’ show being held as part of the Brighton Digital Festival in the UK this month, hacker Seb Lee-Delisle modified the classic NES’ Zapper accessory with LEDs, a green laser, the smoke-generating parts from an e-cigarette, and a small blower to create the convincing effect of a functional laser pistol.

All of the electronic elements added to the NES Zapper are perfectly timed to create the illusion of it firing actual laser blasts, including a quick puff of smoke to make the laser’s beam visible as it leaves the barrel. For the exploding burst that appears on the wall, a separate computer-controlled laser uses a camera to estimate where the Zapper is pointed, creating a simulated point of impact after the trigger has been pulled.


Don’t pretend for a second that you aren’t making “pew-pew” sound effects in your head while watching that video.

[Seb Lee-Delisle via Hackaday]

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Ok that’s pretty cool, but not quite as cool as this one we had in 1966. The Plazer let you sight objects through its viewfinder, then zap them; through the finder you saw your target flare out of existence. Yep, you could zap buildings, bridges, planes, ships and helicopters full of innocent people, and even your kid brother. Having zapped them, the child shooter shouts with glee. God, I miss the ‘60s...

i09 4/17/2008