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Brilliant Hacker Turned the Classic NES Zapper Into a Kick-Ass Toy Laser Gun

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

For the upcoming ‘Hacked on Classics’ show being held as part of the Brighton Digital Festival in the UK this month, hacker Seb Lee-Delisle modified the classic NES’ Zapper accessory with LEDs, a green laser, the smoke-generating parts from an e-cigarette, and a small blower to create the convincing effect of a functional laser pistol.

All of the electronic elements added to the NES Zapper are perfectly timed to create the illusion of it firing actual laser blasts, including a quick puff of smoke to make the laser’s beam visible as it leaves the barrel. For the exploding burst that appears on the wall, a separate computer-controlled laser uses a camera to estimate where the Zapper is pointed, creating a simulated point of impact after the trigger has been pulled.


Don’t pretend for a second that you aren’t making “pew-pew” sound effects in your head while watching that video.

[Seb Lee-Delisle via Hackaday]