Britain Wants to Track Vehicles. It's For Your Own Good, We Swear!

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The British Government is working on a plan to have cameras and tracking devices monitoring all cars at all times. It's in order to be able to properly charge people for congestion pricing plans, a system already in place in London and heading to Manhattan in the next year.

Sure, it's great to be able to charge tolls without the traffic snarls that tollbooths cause, but giving the government the ability to track exactly where any of their citizens are going at any given time opens the door for some serious abuses. There's already been a petition against the system that's garnered 1.8 million signatures, so it's safe to say that the public is wary of the plan.


What do you think, are the benefits of less traffic and fewer greenhouse emissions worth the sacrifice in privacy?

Reuters [via GadgetLab]

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