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Those Brits and their cars are at it again. Now they've started a car company called Axon Automotive, showing it means business in the energy-efficient market space with its Eco-M, a bare-bones sporty car with a 1.4-liter gasoline engine. The car will be able to sip fuel and still go fast, capable of far greater than 100 miles per gallon because of its lightweight carbon fiber construction.

This car is more of a tech demonstration built to win an eco-marathon miles-per-gallon contest than a practical automobile (a similarly built car was capable of 131 mpg last year), and Axon plans to build a more practical and affordable hatchback to be released next year. Yeah, a car with a windshield would be nice, Axon.


We say, lash up this carbon fiber technology with some of the latest electric motors and battery technology, and our dependence on foreign oil could be over quicker than you can say "peace in the Middle East."

100+ MPG Sports Car: Caterham Seven Roadsport [Treehugger]

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