This is a nifty idea Matsushita (manufacturer of Panasonic) has come up with. And if it's for real, I'm really psyched to see it in action. Seems the Japanese-based company is developing a technology that will let you use a household plug to connect to broadband Internet. Goodbye networking hassles, hello electric socket. Basically, the socket will relay not only electricity, but data as well. Though this actual technology isn't new, Matsushita's tech lets them deliver broadband information at up to 170 mbps—which is even faster than Ethernet. So all you'll have to do is attach a special device with an embedded chip (made by Matsushita of course) into a socket, plug in a product and you'll be connected to broadband. Imagine the home networking you could do with this? Kitchen of the future? Hell yeah! The hope is to sell products with the chips already embedded, so you won't have the extra attachable device to worry about.

Sounds like power-line IP done correctly, but we'll see if it takes off.

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