Buddy On Demand: You Never Have to be Alone, Sorta

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A women's car insurance firm from Australia called Sheila's Wheels (those Aussies like to call all women "Sheilas") have an idea for timid ladies who are afraid to drive alone at night, and they're calling it Buddy On Demand, a life-size blow-up male passenger doll that will make it appear that they're not unaccompanied.

Nothing new there, but wait, this blow-up doll is folded up in the glove compartment and pops open like an airbag, inflating in 60 seconds when plugged into the car's cigarette lighter.


Hey, wait a minute, wouldn't this come in handy if the cops show up as you zip through the carpool lane alone? Might work at night.

Blow Me Up, Baby: Sheilas' Wheels "Buddy On Demand" [Jalopnik]

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