Buffalo Brings High Gain to 802.11G and N

Buffalo's two latest high gain routers bring the answer of three antennas to the question of "How do I get more range on my wireless router?" Their WZR2-G300N 802.11N router has the standard features just about all routers have, including an external switch to flip between router and access point modes, in case you've already purchased a router with Gigabit Ethernet (this one doesn't have it) and want to use this only for your wireless needs.

In 802.11g news, the WHR-G125 also has that flip switch, but comes with only one antenna and 10/100 wired networking. These two are on the low end of the router spectrum, offering bare bones features at a bare bones price ($99 for the N, and $49 for the G). If all you need to do is get on the Internet, then Buffalo's got you covered.


Press Release [Buffalo]

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