Buildings That Look Like Spaceships You've Never Seen

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Cutting-edge architecture, or weird starship design? Sometimes it's hard to tell. In our quest for buildings that look like famous spaceships, we came across some even more striking images that should be spaceships. Gallery below.


Thanks to DaveinVA, Doctor Who?, Turlough and a few other commenters who suggested some especially great spacey looking buildings. I've included some of them (with thanks to the suggester) in this gallery.

Note: Some of the pics I downloaded from AP last week turned out not to have captions embedded, and I'm honestly no longer sure what buildings they're pictures of. Any suggestions? Also, one picture of St. Paul's Cathedral made its way in there by mistake, even though I thought I'd already removed it. Although, with the other buildings around it, it does sort of look like a battle cruiser. Sort of.