Bus Stop Swing Set: A Public Transportation Playground

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The idea of making public spaces more playful is the brainchild of artist Bruno Taylor. In this project, he modified several London bus stops with swings to brighten the day of busy commuters. Never mind the smell, the noise, or that dude rubbing up against you-a swing set at the bus stop would melt away all of the stress associated with public transportation. That is until you get a little too carried away with the swinging motion and knock out someone walking behind the bus stop with your ass. On the playground that's detention-in the adult world it's called assault. Haha...(ass)ault. [Pixelsumo via PSFK via Dvice]



Of course, i'd be scared of hurting myself from either overswinging and slipping off, or breaking my legs when i'm hit by uncoming traffic.

Seriously, that's really close to the road. A good swing w/ her legs extended, and a car could totally clip her.

But still, that's just awesome. I love swings, and it'd definitely be more fun to swing on the bench than just sit waiting.