Buy TVs in Jan, Cameras in Feb, And a Calendar for Everything Else

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PCWorld has published a slew of interesting articles to keep in mind when we're all so busy spending our money. They've broken down the best times of year to buy the tech you've been craving for the lowest price. We, being constantly diligent in saving you time, have broken down their tips by item for you after the jump. Their recommendations essentially predict when new gear will come out, allowing you to pick up last year's model at a discounted price. While there's a lot to say for using what you buy and buying what you need (when you need it), why not delay that computer purchase a month or two to save some cash?

The holiday shopping season (Nov and Dec), and right before the Superbowl in late January.

PCs & Monitors
Three times a year: holiday shopping (Nov, Dec) , back to school (Aug, Sept), and end of year clearance (jan, Feb).

January and February, since the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Photo Marketing Association (PMA) conventions are right around then.


Any time your 2 years is up, duh. They recommend negotiating for more minutes within your contract pricepoint.

MP3 Players
Third and fourth quarter since new models generally come out then. [pcworld]

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@banmojo: BECAUSE the most consumers want to buy them. It's not really a supply/demand issue, since TVs aren't scarce per se. What is at issue is that Best Buy would rather you buy from them than Fry's, etc. So they all slash prices in an attempt to capture as much of the market as possible during those peak times.

That's also why the cables required to hook up said TVs are so completely and outrageously overpriced.