Buzz Off Flick Tee: Mosquito Repellant?

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Here's a compelling idea: a T-shirt that repels mosquitoes. It's a great concept as long as you don't mind being bitten 35 times. Consumer Reports gave the Buzz Off Flick Tee a try, with disappointing results:

"In lab tests, the Buzz Off Flick Tee didn't work well. Within 2 minutes, aedes mosquitoes had bitten the lab director at least 35 times through material washed once. Some research suggests that permethrin-treated fabric might work better outdoors, but even a treated T-shirt won't protect bare arms."

With mosquito season coming up, we thought you might be tempted to waste $39 on a T-shirt that doesn't repel mosquitoes as it claims. But wait. Instead of biting you through your T-shirt, wouldn't mosquitoes try to bite you elsewhere, anyway?


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