Bye Bye Giz, Earth, It's Been Great

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Today's my last day working for Giz, and in turn, my last day on Earth. Here am I sitting in a tin can, far above the world.

BUT SERIOUSLY. As much as I would like to end this signal week in Gizmodo history, Get Me Off This Rock week, by hijacking a decommissioned shuttle and spending the summer in orbit, work must go on. I'm heading over to Popular Science (where I worked before Giz, actually) to be the editor of their website. All of you millions of Giz folks are now required to come check out after every Giz visit, y'hear?


I've had a great time writing for all you guys, and I've done some stuff I wouldn't be able to do anywhere else. To all the Giz crew who I couldn't convince to join me in my hijacked (I'm doing it) Shuttle (Brian wouldn't come because the Internet connection is lousy), best of luck to you here on Earth. You're all the best.

With Love,
Space Mahoney