The Gadget: The Dragon Bluetooth headset from Callpod gets redesigned, with improved incoming and outgoing call quality, two new exterior finishes and a pivoting ear hook. The Price: $99 The Verdict: Much improved on the technical front, but the ear loop bugs us to no end. We loved the old version, with a loop that was locked in one position and gave us a tight fit and secured the headset no matter how wildly we were moving around. The V2 has a rotating scheme that makes it fit better for people with weirdly sized ears, but until there's a way to lock the position in, we still prefer the old one.


On the other hand, both incoming and outgoing call quality has been improved. It's got the dual-mic, which Wired says is great only when you perfectly line it up with your mouth, but we had no problems no matter how we adjusted the headset. Old features like walkie-talkie mode (pair this headset with another Dragon and you can have chats sans cellphone) and a 100 meter range made it safely into the V2. The battery life is just as good, or even better, than the first—which means it's great. The Dragon's a bit pricey at $99, but it's right up there with the Jawbone as one of our favorite Bluetooth headsets on the market today, even with the loose ear piece. [Dragon]