Calvin Harris: Summer

Not to be totally cliche, but I've been listening to Calvin Harris's song, Summer, pretty much for all of this summer that isn't even technically here yet. Hey, the track sounds like it should be listened to by a pool or on a rooftop or somewhere as long as the sun is shining and the air is north of 70 degrees.


Calvin Harris, in general, makes songs you just want to get down to. No cares! No worries! It's actual summer. Kid summer, not adult summer. You have three months off, you don't have to put that power suit on tomorrow morning, and it's hot. And people are hot. Party. Just party. Swim in a pool. Shirk your responsibilities. Meet someone. Go to the beach. Dance your way down a street. Crack a fire hydrant. Sing along with your iPhone even though you're wearing headphones and the street is crawling with people. Wear cheap sunglasses. Lose those cheap sunglasses. Sweat and like it. Wear a tank top. Go out on a Thursday. Drive with the windows down. It's summer vacation. And yeah, that's totally cliche. But that's how this song makes me feel.

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I really enjoy Calvin Harris's music. His stuff all sounds good, nothing over the top with effects or samples. He makes original catchy tunes, and have decent lyrics. The guy kind of reminds me of old school Basshunter before he got super famous and pop-ish.