Can Someone Tell Me Why This Man Is Riding a Desktop Computer Attached to a Mini Motorcycle?

In what is perhaps the fastest mod you can give your computer, a man modded his Cooler Master HAF X (with a real computer inside) with his mini motorcycle to create one speedy, rideable and usable beast. But...why?


The obvious reason for doing something as far out as this is why the hell not (or for the e-fame). But that's no fun as it doesn't really explain anything. So let's come up with some theories! Did he just see his mini bike catching dust and realize he needed to show it more love? Or was it a dare? A lost bet? A stoned invention? Maybe he wanted to have his PC when he went to his neighbor's house but has a bad back so he can't carry it across the yard? Or maybe his house is under construction so he needs to use his computer at his neighbor's house but doesn't want to leave the computer at his neighbors house for fear of his neighbor discovering his voyeur porn fetish. Or maybe he just thought his computer would get faster and his electricity bill would be less expensive since he's putting gas into the bike computer now. Or maybe he's just doesn't understand what the Cooler Master HAF X is for and just found it to be a comfortable seat. Or maybe, just maybe, he thought why the hell not. [YouTube via Case Mod Blog MAKE]

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Um, he wanted to upgrade to a faster processor? Thank you, Alex i'll take "Things that are a complete waste of time" for 500...