Can this Computer Launch a Rocket into Space?

It's the ultimate science project: 8 students, assisted by Tom Atchison and the Rocket Mavericks team, will attempt to design, launch and operate a rocket using new Sony® VAIO notebooks, which will operate GPS tracking, telemetry, avionics monitoring, video and anything else the team can imagine.

This literal product launch can't happen without the new Sony VAIO Z powered by the faster, smarter i5 processor. The new Sony VAIO is essential in the design stage, facilitating all Computer-Aided Engineering – CAD, aerodynamic simulation, computational fluid dynamics, dispersion analysis and Monte Carlo simulation. The new Sony VAIO will power the flight simulation software – ASTOS, RS-Pro, and Rocksim – and facilitate calculations for dispersion analysis, gas dynamics, aerodynamic stability, dynamic stability, structural loading, thermal heat transfer flux, fin flutter stability and much, much more.

Experience the world's first literal product launch here!


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