Second only to the microwave as the appliance lazy chefs rely on most, the slow cooker is the easiest way to prepare a meal when you really don't want to pay attention to the process. But the Wonderbag promises to further improve the joy of slow cooking by not requiring a power source to finish off a meal. What sorcery is this?

The $122 Wonderbag takes an incredibly passive approach to slow cooking. All you have to do is bring the pot of food you're preparing to a boil, and then entomb the whole thing inside this highly-insulated sack. The cooking process will continue, albeit at a slower pace than with a plug-in slow cooker. But if this is your go-to appliance for dinner prep, it means you can dramatically reduce your power consumption. And it travels well too, so it's perfect for those times when you're driving to a potluck dinner that's eight hours away.


[Natural Balance via Firebox]