Can Valve create the perfect game machine and win against MS and Sony?

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Steam is the most popular electronic desktop game distribution method in the planet. So popular that its developers think it will be a great idea to make a Steam Box, a custom gaming and media PC that will connect to your TV and compete with the Xbox One or the PS4.


One of the steps towards this magic box is their newly released SteamOS. It looks like a great idea. But can a SteamOS-powered console be successful against Microsoft and Sony? Do you think they can pull it? Is it worth waiting for it? Would it be expandable?

There are lots of questions and, for now, little more than vapor (rimshot!) But the truth is that Valve seems to be thinking quite different here—and they certainly have a plan.

Perhaps they can come up with a cool design box that can be upgraded like a PC—maybe using plug-and-play packaged graphic cards (you know, take out the old card like a NES cartridge, plug in the new one, have 10 times more power.) All while having the ease of use of a console, designed to work in a living room environment. If they execute this well, it may be a hit among hardcore gamers and consumers alike. I'd buy it.

Where do you think this is getting too? Can Valve break the traditional console market with a new approach that merges the best of both worlds, the desktop PC and the living room game/media machine?