Canon Printers and Scanners Will Block Jobs With Flagged Keywords

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Canon's showing off Uniflow 5, the latest version of their enterprise document management system, and it includes one eyebrow-raising feature: a keyword-based security system that blocks jobs if sensitive subjects like client names or project codenames or [REDACTED] are included.

Whistleblowers, leakers, and corporate spies, prick up your ears. In the near future, Canon printers, scanners, and copiers will use OCR to block users from printing, scanning, copying, or faxing documents that contain certain keywords, and they'll send a PDF of the document to the system administrator after that.

No word when printers and scanners with Uniflow 5 will be available, but THANKFULLY people stopped faxing us our leaks a little bit earlier this year. [IT News]


Image credit Shoreline