Canon Readying 22-Megapixel EOS-1Ds Mark III?

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Canon designers must be getting penis envy over that Hasselblad 31-megapixel super-camera we showed you last week (or its 39-megapixel bro), because now we're hearing rumors that Canon might at least approach that pixel count with a 22-megapixel digital SLR in the works.

If the scuttlebutt is true, the upcoming 1Ds Mark III will add resolution over the current top dawg at Canon, the $6800 17.2-megapixel EOS-1Ds Mark II (pictured over there), and it'll deliver all these extra pixels in a body that's half the size of its large, heavy predecessor. Now all Canon has to do is create some lenses that can feed such a hungry beast.


Don't be planning any of those high-end shoots of yours around this highly capable shooter just yet, because those in the know say the camera won't be announced until PhotoPlus Expo 2007 in October.

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Megapixels stop making a difference when it exceeds your rational printing size (most folks who print 8x10s stopped seing any benefit at 4-5 megapixels), when noise becomes a problem (the more megapixels on a given sensor, the more noise you get at the same ASA setting), or when the sensor resolution is no longer a limiting factor (the lens is not perfect. Eventually a point becomes a blobby thing). Most of the 10 megapixel P&S cameras are operating in the range where even an optically perfect lens isn't able to give you 10 "real" megapixels.

A 22 megapixel camera is mostly useful if you want to do huge prints. Foldouts, billboards, big prints for museums, things like that. It's also useful if you are embarassed about your manhood.