Can't Afford the Synthesizer of Your Dreams? Draw It Instead

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You spend days at work in the studio, cranking out track after track with your trusty MIDI controller. On a whim, you decide you're tired of using it, so you wad it up into a ball, throw it away, and draw a new one. Wait, what? Yeah, SketchSynth will someday make this a reality.

Created by Carnegie Mellon student Billy Keyes, Co.Design says that SketchSynth uses a webcam to detect shapes, and a projector to generate the interactive elements. In its current form you an create buttons, toggles and sliders by drawing circles, rectangles and lines, respectively.

And as awesome a this already looks, it's still in its infancy. There's plenty of room for improvement and added features. Maybe someday we'll be drawing 10-string guitars or something absurd like that. [SketchSynth via Co.Design]