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Funky Taste Prompts Capri Sun Recall

Kraft Heinz said that diluted cleaning solution was accidentally added to a Capri Sun production line.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Kraft Heinz says that only the Wild Cherry flavor was contaminated.
Kraft Heinz says that only the Wild Cherry flavor was contaminated.
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Kraft Heinz is recalling thousands of cases of Capri Sun after revealing that they were contaminated with diluted cleaning solution. The recall specifically affects Wild Cherry flavored Capri Sun with a “Best When Used By” date of June 25, 2023.

Stop packing your child’s school lunches and double check that that Wild Cherry Capri Sun doesn’t have cleaning solution in it. Kraft Heinz recently announced the voluntary recall of 5,760 cases of Wild Cherry flavored Capri Sun. The company further explained in a press release that the diluted cleaning solution is used to clean food processing equipment, and may have contaminated these cases after it was inadvertently introduced into production of the beverage. Kraft Heinz says that they discovered the issue upon receiving customer complaints regarding the taste of the Capri Sun.


The company’s press release says that each “case” of Capri Sun includes four cartons of juice pouches. A typical Capri Sun carton has 10, 6 fluid ounce pouches of juice, meaning there are at least 230,400 pouches of potentially contaminated Capri Sun out there (some cartons may have upwards of 30 pouches). Kraft Heinz Consumer Center’s automated customer service line—1-800-280-8252—says that no other flavors of Capri Sun were affected by the cleaning solution, which is good news for all you Mountain Cooler and Fruit Punch fans. The company says that any consumers that have purchased the recalled juice can return it to the store it was purchased at or contact Kraft Heinz itself for reimbursement.

There’s no clear indication of what kind of cleaning solution was responsible for the contamination, and other than a funky taste, no major injuries have been reported.