Bloody-Disgusting additionally has our first look at Lizzy Caplan in Cobweb, Samuel Bodin’s upcoming horror film about an eight-year old’s evil parents co-starring The Boys’ Anthony Starr.

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Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

According to Mirage, the apocalypse will only be “60%-40%” in a new TV spot for Rise of the Beasts.

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts NEW Official TV Spot HD - “Team-Up”


Meanwhile, Steven Krueger discussed Coach Ben’s “descent into madness” during a recent interview with Collider.

As it goes along, you kind of realize that this is even more of a descent into madness for him. It starts off as a real flashback and all of a sudden, now some things from the real world are seeping into it, and he can’t really control it anymore, and he just kind of loses it a little bit over the things that he’s experiencing.



The Penguin

In light of the writer’s strike, production has ceased on The Penguin.



The death of the Nightmare Creature may yield fruit for Boyd and Kristi in the synopsis for “Belly of the Beast,” the June 4 episode of From.

Boyd and Kristi seek to capitalize on the apparent death of the Nightmare Creature; Jim finds an unlikely ally in the volatile Randall.


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Fear the Walking Dead

PADRE “comes to collect” in the synopsis for “King County,” the June 4 episode of Fear the Walking Dead.

Morgan’s return to King County gets complicated when PADRE comes to collect.

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Nancy Drew

Finally, Nancy Drew takes on zombies, ghosts, demons and giant spiders in a new trailer for her final season at The CW.

Nancy Drew Season 4 Promo (HD) Final Season

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