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This is a carbon fiber iPhone mockup that I normally wouldn't care about, but this one comes with a humorous story. Supposedly, Apple will be developing a special edition carbon fiber iPhone called the Carbon Electra X Apple iPhone. It will be limited to 200 units and be given away in the Oscars goodie bags. This is where the story gets iPhoney, but kind of funny.

In addition to the beautiful carbon fiber case, the phone will come pre-loaded with every M.O.P. song ever produced, every episode of Mythbusters and Rosario Dawson's cell number. There is also a custom software installed, approved by the FAA, that allows you to use your phone while on board any commercial airplane.


Who the hell is M.O.P? Regardless, it will also (not) be available for $700, 11-percent of which will be donated to the International TonTon Preservation Fund.
UPDATE: ENOUGH with the email. You know this isn't real, yes?

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