Careful, Old People in Japan May Pee on Your iPad

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As if there weren't enough iPad jokes already, it turns out that there's a Japanese product—a high-tech adult diaper—called the Aipad. You can guess the pronunciation by the fact that I'm even writing about this.


The Aipad has apparently been around for a while and has "2 lines of aluminium [which] can be connected by clip with a small sensor unit. When the diaper soaked, the sensor notifies it via radio waves." Basically it lets people or their caretakers know when it's time for a diaper change.


Oh, and according to Jason, "ai" means "love" in Japanese. I don't know if that's supposed to be some sort of comfort or not. [AipadWarning: PDF via Asiajin]

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If Apple were aware of this product earlier, would they still have named it the "iPad"? It depends. I'll bet they would have leaked it ahead of time, though, and then monitored the stream of comments.