Let's Get the iPad Jokes Out of Our Systems 'Cause Steve Doesn't Care

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I don't know whether to go to an Apple store or the feminine care aisle to purchase an iPad. Oh, don't groan! You cracked similar jokes. And let's face it: They're all kinda lame and won't bother Steve whatsoever.


There's no escaping the iTampon, iMaxiPad, iMenstruate quips. Hell, they're a trending topic on Twitter at this point and the gals at Jezebel are having a blast with them. But despite adding to the sad mess of pseudo-comedy, I agree with Kara Swisher when she quotes good ol' Walt Mossberg Steve Jobs:

You forget, but they made fun of iPod name when it came out. What matters is the product and what it means to consumers.


So yes, Steve Jobs won't care about our jokes, nor will they affect the iPad's chance of being a success. Might as well get them out of our systems now.

Bonus points for the first knock-knock iPad joke. [All Things D via John Paczkowski]