iTampon Is the #2 Trending Topic on Twitter

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Well, this bodes poorly. Ahead of "Apple," "Steve Jobs" and "Apple's iPad" on Twitter's worldwide trending topics rankings sits iTampon. Well done, internet! You've just made some marketing executive very sad and/or fired.



pffff this thing fails so horribly to 'innovate' in just about every way, that it makes me wonder what kind of crap tablet prototypes El Jobso has supposedly been rejecting over the years.... they must have simply been horrible.

They must have just had some really super crappy features - I'm talking crazy useless things that nobody wants... like USB ports, Flash, a file browser, etc... They must have been useful tablets that just didn't quite scream "iPod Touch+" like they should have properly done.

Eff - let's be honest: this is more disappointing than when I found out Santa isn't real. I have just been pissed all day every time I look at my MacBook and see the big '0l black bezel, which I can't help but feel looks bigger and more intrusive than ever - like it's gonna close in and swallow the rest of the screen like that stupid iFeminineHygieneProduct...