Case-Mate Hug Brings Affordable Touchstone-Like Wireless Charging to iPhone

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The lovably named Case-Mate Hug is an inductive charger for the iPhone that allows you to just plop it on the charging mat rather than fiddling with cables like a monkey. Are you a monkey? You're not a monkey.

The Hug is a two part inductive charger, including both a fairly normal-looking (if kind of heavy and industrial) case and a slightly-larger-than-iPhone charging mat. It's a lot like the Powermat, but about half the price. The idea is to keep your iPhone in the case at all times, and then lay the encased iPhone on the mat instead of plugging in a cable. It works pretty well, and Case-Mate says it'll charge your iPhone in about the same amount of time as primitive cables, but these things are kind of dumb at the moment. You still need to leave it sitting in a specific place, and it still needs to be touching the actual mat, so it's not really that much better a solution than just plugging it in. On the other hand, Fulton, who makes the tech, plans to put them in public places like airports—which would be pretty awesome, we admit. The Hug be available in a couple weeks (before the end of January, at least) for $90. [Case-Mate]

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Neeraj Verma

Airport? Would you leave your phone on the pad in a busy airport to charge( i am assuming they wont be private)? Or stand over it while it charges? At least sockets are everywhere.. id rather take my charger.