Powermat Charger Has No F&^*$%@ Wires

We've looked at wireless, inductive chargers in the past, but none of them had a commercial quite as fun as the Powermat. It almost tempts us to spend $100 on it along with the extra $40 per special case.


Wireless charging is still in its infancy, but the idea is great: you have a lil' mat or platform onto which you can toss your gadgets and let them charge. No tangled wires and fumbling around. There's a catch, of course, in that most of these chargers will require a special case or add-on to be hugging your device. This makes something like the Powermat one pricey charging station if you want to charge each of your gadgets. But hey, we'll overlook that because we like their commercial. [Dvice and YouTubeThanks, GitEmSteveDave for the video link!]

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