Castle Rock's New Trailer Shows Us a Glimpse of the Town's Witchy History

Dig it?
Dig it?
Image: Hulu

We also get a better look at Annie Wilkes, the rare character who’s able to blend old-fashioned folksiness (“You don’t know a cockadoodie thing about us!”) with intense menace. And then there’s Tim Robbins’ character, coming in with the ol’ “Somethin’ bad is coming!” Well, of course, it is. It’s Castle Rock!


This brand-new trailer for the second season of the Stephen King-J.J. Abrams anthology series also pops in what look like flashbacks to Castle Rock’s troubled past, as the town celebrates its 400-year anniversary, as well as a better look at its present-day unrest, only some of which has to do with Ms. Wilkes (played by what looks to be a pitch-perfect Lizzy Caplan; Elsie Fisher, the breakout star of Eighth Grade, plays her daughter).

That Halloween parade is downright terrifying. And, of course, there’s that Jerusalem’s Lot town sign again. Are we gonna see some vampires this season, or what?

Castle Rock’s second season—which also stars Paul Sparks, Yusra Warsama, Barkhad Abdi, and Matthew Alan—premieres its first three episodes October 23 on Hulu.

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I wonder if we’ll know where this fits into the first seasons timeline, or if this is just another level of the tower.