Catching Up: Retromodo Gates Interviews and Puppy Battles

Hey Chen, did you see this post Joel wrote on BBG about the behind the scenes of Giz's first Bill Gates interview? We've met with Gates a few more times since then, but I don't think anyone here expresses the anxiety attached to such a meeting as well as Joel does. Dogs are freaking out a bit after some bad owner in Corona Heights park with a white/black spotted dog with one blue eye attacked one and then the other. Bit of hair off the nape of their neck and a limp, but they're ok. I wasn't there, Lisa was. But that owner is going to get yelled at when I see him again. Dog control is important! Oh my Fable ii game got corrupt. Somehow, my dude is always running in slow motion and I can't draw a weapon. Other than that, my family is in town for the holidays. I hope I get all the Gizmodo Gallery planning done soon or there won't be much break to speak of, even though Denton gave us Friday off in full. I mean, I JUST FOUND OUT that I need an electrician to wire up the place before this huge 103 inch TV is going to turn on. I mean, I knew it was 220 volt all along, but until last week, we didn't even know it was going to fit in the door. Meatspace events = hard. What are your plans? Here are my favorite links of the day: • Brutally Honest Black Friday Ads Showcase Retailers on the BrinkThe Ultimate Black Friday Survival GuideAt Gizmodo Gallery: Free DIY Laser EtchingAt Giz Gallery: 103-Inch Plasma, IF We Can Get an Electrician's HelpZzzPhone Is Second Google Android Cellphone Ever

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Whoa, whoa, whoa. All of Friday off?

For everybody?

What, I'm just supposed to go commenting willy-nilly across the internets?