Hey Chen, did you see this post Joel wrote on BBG about the behind the scenes of Giz's first Bill Gates interview? We've met with Gates a few more times since then, but I don't think anyone here expresses the anxiety attached to such a meeting as well as Joel does. Dogs are freaking out a bit after some bad owner in Corona Heights park with a white/black spotted dog with one blue eye attacked one and then the other. Bit of hair off the nape of their neck and a limp, but they're ok. I wasn't there, Lisa was. But that owner is going to get yelled at when I see him again. Dog control is important! Oh my Fable ii game got corrupt. Somehow, my dude is always running in slow motion and I can't draw a weapon. Other than that, my family is in town for the holidays. I hope I get all the Gizmodo Gallery planning done soon or there won't be much break to speak of, even though Denton gave us Friday off in full. I mean, I JUST FOUND OUT that I need an electrician to wire up the place before this huge 103 inch TV is going to turn on. I mean, I knew it was 220 volt all along, but until last week, we didn't even know it was going to fit in the door. Meatspace events = hard. What are your plans? Here are my favorite links of the day: • Brutally Honest Black Friday Ads Showcase Retailers on the BrinkThe Ultimate Black Friday Survival GuideAt Gizmodo Gallery: Free DIY Laser EtchingAt Giz Gallery: 103-Inch Plasma, IF We Can Get an Electrician's HelpZzzPhone Is Second Google Android Cellphone Ever