Cavil and Princess Leia vs. Time-Traveling Cyborgs

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The Time Guardian is one of those late 1980s flicks that has pretty much everything. Cyborgs with horns, time-traveling cities, Carrie Fisher in futuristic armor, Dean "Cavil" Stockwell in a weird necklace, and a whole bunch of Australians.

Actually I'm not sure why there are so many Australians, or why this flick is set in Australia. But I can tell you that the premise is actually kind of cool. A city travels through time to escape a bunch of scary cyborgs who have devastated Earth. Things have been pretty mellow for hundreds of years when suddenly the scary cyborgs come back, and the city has to flee through time.

In this thrilling montage of clips, you can see what happens when the cyborgs first arrive in the future and Cavil gets all pissy. Then our boring hero yells a lot and Carrie Fisher looks upset. What you won't see is the boring, cyborg-less middle of the movie when Carrie and hero boy travel back to the 1980s and hook up with a hot Australian archaeologist. Why do they travel back in time? I'm not sure exactly, but I think it's to scout for new city locations.


Unfortunately the cyborgs follow them back, and team up with a bunch of corrupt Australian cops, and jailhouse cyborg fu ensues. Finally, the city arrives back in the 1980s and Carrie has to fight a cyborg without her futuristic armor. Bummer. But at least the hero got his hot archaeologist, and the city is still surrounded by crude Tron-esque CGI that says "time travel."

Anyway the important thing is that now you know what happens when Princess Leia fights a horned cyborg. And you know what Cavil looks like in a blue jumper with a gold dot on his chest. Plus, that necklace! Fashion of the future really suits Cavil, don't you think?


The Time Guardian via IMDB