CEDIA 2006: Hitachi's PD8700, Small but Mighty Plasma

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Hitachi announced their new 42-inch 1080p plasma television. It's world's first 1080p plasma of that size (LCDs of those specs have been around for some time), and is using ALiS (Alternate Lighting of Surfaces) technology to enhance the brightness, sharpness and longevity. Can you tell 720p from 1080p in this size? It's probably tough, but then again, we'll take native high def on a 3-day-with-no-bath hooker if you give us the chance. This model also has a 60" big brother, but other than what we assume is beautiful picture quality, he has no real claim to fame. We just find it refreshing to see not everyone has given up on plasma - yet.

[via avguide]