What do Marlon Brando, Sophia Loren, and Audrey Hepburn have in common, besides being beautiful and mostly-dead? They apparently loved their vinyl records, as captured in this wonderfully nostalgic gallery. Also, there's a photo of Chewbacca sexy-relaxing (with records!).

The whole thing might seem hokey and simply sentimental, but it does make you sort of pine for a time at which there was some way to "show off" your music collection. Beyond just scrolling down your iTunes or Spotify library, or placing your iPod gently on a table. Right..? It's also possible we just don't give a shit about pride in collecting music, as we snatch whatever we want from wherever we want, and carry it with us 24/7 like a digital mound of bacteria. I can't even remember where the last CD I bought is—probably under my couch somewhere. And that doesn't really bother me.


And, as promised, the bonus Chewbacca photo.

Check out the rest of the collection for more black and white music throwback, from Elvis to Dilla. [via Dangerous Minds, Thanks Nicko]

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