Cellphone Battery Life to Improve 10x Thanks to Nanotechnology

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Please let the Swiss' research into battery life nanotechnology come true, please oh please. I sound like a kid wishing on a star, but if their Steeper project gets adopted, gadgets will become more efficient and our planet healthier.

The École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne's Adrian Ionescu spoke of their ambitious plan, which uses nanoscience and nanowires to "close" up leaky transistors, saying that their "vision is to share this research to enable manufacturers to build the holy grail in electronics, a computer that utilizes negligible energy when it's in sleep mode, which we call the zero-watt PC."

Supposedly the US spends $4 billion each year on lost electricity, according to the Department of Energy. Not only that, but there's obvious repercussions on the planet, and our gadgets. Anything that can prolong the battery life of my HTC Desire gets my vote. [NY Times and BBC]

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My question is (from a layman's perspective...I am no chemist) how can nanotechnology be applied in other areas of battery manufacturing. For instance, a big draw back of solar energy, not to mention a huge hindrance for electric and hybrid auto manufacturers, is that modern batteries are not sufficiently efficient =)...for the purposes we would like to use them for. Battery design, from my understanding, is key in moving these technologies forward....Talk amongst yourselves.