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Cellphone-Using Pedestrians at Higher Risk of "Getting Run Over"

Illustration for article titled Cellphone-Using Pedestrians at Higher Risk of Getting Run Over

First driving, now even walking: The combination of cellphone use and motion seems to be the most dangerous threat facing Americans today.


Two new studies have shown that pedestrians using cellphones are significantly more likely to get smacked by a car than anybody else. A simulation indicated that older people are especially likely to be distracted, even more so if they're unsteady on their feet to begin with (so maybe think about getting Grandma a nice large-print novel for Christmas instead of a Droid).

Interestingly, listening to music was found to have no effect on pedestrian safety, which I'd like to personally refute. I can say without a doubt that while listening to certain music (Spank Rock, I'm looking at you), I am noticeably more cocky and likely to get hit by a car while strutting across a busy street. But then, I'm not a scientist; thus, I trust the results of these studies and will continue to blare loud, filthy rap music while disregarding all pedestrian laws and guidelines. [LabSpaces]

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I would agree with the study. Next time you are walking on a busy street after you hang up from a phone call try to think what stores you walked past, or recall any specific details of where you were walking while on the phone. I know that for myself a lot of what I would normally notice goes unnoticed while on the phone.