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Celrun's Lluon A1 Mini-PC is Half-Notebook, Half-iMac-Alike, Atom-Powered

Illustration for article titled Celruns Lluon A1 Mini-PC is Half-Notebook, Half-iMac-Alike, Atom-Powered

This upcoming mini-PC from Cellrun is something a bit like the old iLamp-style iMac, a bit notebooky, a bit low-cost desktop Eee PC... but actually not like any of them too much: It seems to be it's own low-power, neat design desktop genre. It's got an 18.4-inch widescreen LCD, has built-in stereo speakers and microphone and has an Intel Atom purring away inside. Mainly the Lluon A1 is intended to be a multimedia PC since it's got an IPTV function which requires it to be dual boot—Linux for the IPTV, and Windows for standard PC functions. It's intriguing, and though there's no info on pricing, we know it'll be hitting the shops mid-September in Korea, Europe and North America. [Aving]


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Looks photoshopped.