Chapter 11 Explained

Curiously, Celsius seems to have deleted a video that was previously available on YouTube and published in April of this year, titled, “Why Choose Celsius?” That video included influencers who were pledging up and down that the benefit of Celsius was its wonderful transparency.


Messages on social media from users of the platform are heartbreaking, with people explaining they really need the money that’s tied up in Celsius’s bank accounts. But at this point it’s not clear how much money there is left.

“I’m a single father, I need my BTC,” one user wrote, using the symbol for bitcoin.


“To fellow depositors: Do i understand correctly that there is literally NOTHING/NO ACTION we as depositors can take now? Just have to wait and see if they give us money back? If so, anywhere we should be keeping eyes on?” another user wrote.

“I’m a single mother. This will change the path of my life. I feel sick,” yet another user wrote.


Celsius is just one of several crypto companies that have collapsed in the past few months, with cryptocurrency prices in the toilet. Luna, once the fourth largest coin in the world, plunged to nothing in the span of just a few days back in May. What did the people behind Luna do? They just started a new coin called Luna 2.0. Gizmodo does not recommend investing in Luna 2.0.