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It's important to remember that the X-Arm was once a child's dream - a child who yearned to invent and change the world through ingenuity. It's important to remember that as a lesson that good intentions sometimes breed ugly home theatre accessories.

The X-Arm is a robotic mount that allows you to angle a 42" television up to 28-degrees both left and right, 7-degrees up and 25-degrees down. Supporting weights up to 180 pounds and sizes up to 60", we're certain the X-Arm far exceeds its goal of eliminating glare.


But now we need to ask, why did you buy that sexy plasma display in the first place? Was it because the flush wall mount was both space-efficient and attractive? Was it because you wanted to impress your friend who only owned a boxy rear-projection? Now why would you attach the world's ugliest instrument to the world's prettiest TV, completely ruining your ingenious plan of blockwide television domination? $1995

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