CES 2007: Ubicod UMH700 Media Center

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Ubicod's UMH700 is the next generation of the home media center. It combines a high definition video recorder (think TiVo) with the ability to store, network and share multimedia files from your PC. You've just turned your TV into a wireless monitor connected to every machine in your house, so now you can finally be bombarded by your little brother's "BOOM, HEADSHOT!" and "You're the man now dog!" addictions from the comfort of your living room.

Another sweet feature on the UMH700 is its integration with Ubicod's other product, the PlugNet Gateway. The PlugNet allows you to convert any electronic socket into an Ethernet port, so you can network and share data without wireless cards or running fifty-foot cables across your stairs. Home movies, MP3 libraries and even your My Pictures folder are now fair game for your TV. The future of the home media center is here, and it's simpler and more user-friendly than you could have hoped for.


Brave the Engrish website to find out more about the Ubicod UMH700 [Company Web]

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