CES Cookie Lady Says Press People Are an Unusually Polite Bunch

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Cherished CES press room cookie provider Bonnie Snyder-Lapioli tells us that 90% of the people on whom she bestows her heavenly chocolate chip cookies say "thank you." That's a pretty polite group! Bonnie's baking up the cookies from dawn to dusk, with each batch taking 25 minutes from start to finish. In one day, the ravenous press corps goes through 120 lb. of cookies, totaling three-eighths of a ton by the time CES wraps on Thursday. Jump for a mouth-watering bonus CookiePorn® shot of the results of her labor of love.

Take one look at this piping hot batch of scrumptious cookies and you'll understand why each of every one of us Gizmodians can't say thank you enough!