Channel Master TV Will Let You Cut The Cord And Keep The Sports

Channel Master's newest DVR is a cord cutters dream. It lets users record over-the-air programming so they can ditch cable and still follow their local news and sports. And there's no monthly fee, just the cost of the device.

Besides OTA television, the Channel Master TV also streams VUDU content. VUDU is a nice add-on, but it does have a limited video catalog. It's too bad the device doesn't include some of the larger services like Netflix or Amazon Video.


On the hardware side, the OTA DVR includes WiFi, a 320 GB hard drive to store 35 hours of HD video, and variety of audio and video outputs to connect to your TV. The Channel Master TV is on the pricey side. It'll cost you $400 when it ships this November. [Channel Master and Crave]

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