Charge Your Phone From Your Power Tools With This Handy Adapter

Smartphones have become an essential tool in every line of work, from corporate accounting to carpentry. But often times those working on construction sites don't have easy access to a power outlet for a quick top-off when needed. They do, however, have access to power tools. And with this clever adapter they can harness a drill or saw's rechargeable battery to recharge their electronics.

At launch the PoweriSite will work exclusively with most DeWALT rechargeable batteries, providing two USB ports that can even be used to recharge a power-hungry tablet. It's compact enough to fit in a pocket, or better yet, a toolbelt, and is as easy to use as a wall charger.


Anyone donating to the PoweriSite's Kickstarter campaign can claim one for just $12. But when the adapter's finally available that price tag will skyrocket to $15, so it's better to take a risk and snatch one up early. And remember, the power tools aren't included, but you find yourself a hard hat and you can wander in and out of any construction site you like. [Kickstarter via The Gadgeteer]

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