Chat About The Latest Nikola Tesla Biography With The Author

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Welcome to the Paleofuture Book Club, where we discuss the coolest books about retro-futures and the history of technology! Today we're talking about Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age by W. Bernard Carlson. The book is, of course, about the late inventor Nikola Tesla and we have the author joining us to take your questions.


Dr. Carlson will be on from 2-3pm EST, but even if you don't have a question for him, feel free to discuss your take on the book and Nikola Tesla's legacy in the comments below.

What did you learn from this new book? How do you think it compares with previous Tesla biographies by Marc Seifer and Margaret Cheney? Did you find the book at odds with the mythical stories about Tesla that have built up on the internet over the past few years?

Join us in the discussion below.


Matt Novak

Thanks so much for joining us, Dr. Carlson. My first question is, what do you think about the new web-driven mythology that has built up around Tesla in the past few years — like in that famous comic by The Oatmeal? Do you think it's an accurate representation of history?