Check Out This Artist's Adorable Mashup of Doctor Who and Star Wars

It’s so cute we can’t stand it.
It’s so cute we can’t stand it.
Image: Brian Kesinger

Artist Brian Kesinger isn’t just known for his decades of work on Disney films, ranging from Atlantis: The Lost Empire to Frozen 2. He’s also the creator of iconic fan art mashups, like the Kylo Ren Calvin & Hobbes parody series. Now, he’s working on a series of upcoming projects, and he’s also got a bunch of new and amazing fan art mashups—including one just for all of you.


Over the past few weeks, the former Disney storyboard artist has been releasing a series of genre mash-up artwork on his Instagram, blending things like Futurama and Fantastic Beasts, as well as Disney’s Big Hero 6 with the classic Rankin Bass holiday special, Frosty the Snowman. In an interview, Kesinger told me he does mashups because they’re a good way to “exercise” his artistic muscles, as well as pay tribute to some of his favorite fandoms.

“I think it’s the same thing as mixing up peanut butter and chocolate, it just tastes so good together,” Kesinger said. “I’ve been a Disney geek my whole life—actually I’d say I’ve been a pop culture geek my whole life. This is the kind of stuff I’d draw on my own time anyway.”

We’ve shared a few of Kesinger’s recent pieces in the slideshow above. When I asked him if he had any new pieces he wanted to debut, he offered to make io9 something special. Totally floored, we freaked out for a few minutes and then asked for a piece about the 13th Doctor and Rey going on space adventures together—with our signature io9er hanging out somewhere.

We’ve been obsessing over this all day. Just look at it! Of course the Doctor and Rey would instantly bond over their mutual love of adorable puppy-like robots. Let’s just hope the Doctor doesn’t shoot her eye out with that “sonic screwdriver”! Kesinger also gave us a timelapse of his work on this Doctor Who/Star Wars mashup, which you can watch below.

Currently, Kesinger is working as head of story for an animated feature called Darkmouth, a tale about monster hunters based on a children’s book by Shane Hegarty. He’s also developing a possible feature film based on his book series featuring his steampunk characters Otto and Victoria, and has an Etsy page where he sells art prints of his mashups and other projects.


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