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Check This Out: Gizmodo in HD

Illustration for article titled Check This Out: Gizmodo in HD

We've been busy. In addition to bringing you all this epic coverage of the gadget orgy that is CES, we've been cooking up a little surprise in our technological kitchen. We call it HD view, and the name pretty much says it all.


Calm down, this is not a redesign. We're not really sure what to call it, except big. And awesome. Unlike the our usual layout, which maxes out on a 640-pixel-wide image, HD view is good up to, well, we don't really know how large it goes. We've easily filled up a 27-inch monitor. If you've got a supabig rig, fill it up and let us know how it looks! This mode is still waaaay in beta, and we'd love your feedback about it—just send us an email at

We'll be embedding links in select posts that allow you to go large. We hope you like it!


When you are done trying it—it's not fully functional—use the "Return to Normal View" link.

Check out these posts in HD view:

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Seriously, can someone take a screenshot? I cannot find the HD link....maybe it's because I have been at work too long, I dunno...but please help lol.