Cherrypal Delivers "Africa" Netbook For Only $99

Illustration for article titled Cherrypal Delivers "Africa" Netbook For Only $99

Cherrypal, the guys behind last year's super green cloud computer have managed to put together a netbook dubbed "Africa" that will sell for only $99.


Specs include: a 400 MHz processor, 256 MB RAM, 2 GB flash memory, 7-inch screen (800 x 480), USB 1.1 and 2.0 ports, SD card support, and it runs either Linux or Windows CE operating systems (it should also get about 4 hours of use on the Lithium battery). Yeah, don't expect much for your $99—as the product page notes, it's "small, slow, and sufficient." Africa is available now at the Cherrypal open store. [Cherrypal via PRNewswire via Engadget]



Slow, indeed...but keep in mind the market for which it's intended: in this country we see 7 year olds running around with laptops or netbooks (hell, mine has a eee PC, and bitched because I didn't want to let him get linux because I worried it would confuse him)...the fact that something like this exists at all is tremendous. I hope it's sturdy/dust resistant as most of the nations for which it's intended are not exactly going to have them sitting in secure, air conditioned, pristine environments.

The fact that it doesn't require cranking is awesome.