Chevy Assembly Line Workers Ride Around on Wall-E-Style Floating Chairs

Remember those floating chairs that our uber-lazy future offspring rode around on in the movie Wall-E? Chevrolet just installed the real-life version in two of its assembly lines. Meet the fully-automated, gesture-controlled Ergo-Chair.


True, the comparison to Wall-E isn't one-hundred-percent accurate: the Ergo-Chair-riding employees use them for work, not for slovenly laziness of the highest order. The chair, maneuvered by body motion and equipped with assembly parts and the tools needed to install them, allows assembly line workers to install air bag components and electrical wiring in the back seat of the Chevy Traverse without having to hunch over or reach awkwardly through door or window openings.

Illustration for article titled Chevy Assembly Line Workers Ride Around on emWall-E/em-Style Floating Chairs

Of course, watching the workers glide around on their future-chairs makes me want one for myself. Never mind that there's essentially zero movement involved in this job—I'll find a way to justify it. [GM]

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When you see it this way, it makes sense. Can you imagine having the hunch, crawl and maneuver 50-70+ times a day to do such a job. And YES, I would rather have humans, well trained and responsible (which for the most part lets out the typical notion of the under 25 crowd), actually working for a living and not hand it off to robots at a time when you need more people working.

It looks lazy but when you consider how much better you work when you have the right seating, footwear, gear, etc. to do the job, do it right, on time, and repeatedly, how is this really any different? It isn't. Don't even try being "smart" about it.